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I'm julie -

so happy

you’re here!

{And can I just give it up to Marie Forleo for validating the term “multi-passionate entrepreneur”?}


So, here I am.

Let me tell you, when I heard Marie speak those three little words, I lit up. FINALLY, I had my definition!

Just because I had a fashion background, that morphed into a marketing and finance degree, that then evolved into being a licensed stockbroker, then motherhood, and circled back to owning and creating my own boutique and product lines, and a need for digital products, didn’t mean I didn’t love and learn from every minute of my journey. To live is to learn.

What it did mean, was that I was able to take the best pieces and create a strategy and life that worked, even when I wasn’t. Meaning, I got to spend time with my family and the things that really mattered, without my business suffering.

So, who am I? 

I'm a curious and friendly, introverted, serial entrepreneur, born and raised in Southern California, who has spent the last 10 years growing two creative online businesses. I'm a dedicated mother and wife, DIY fanatic, and insatiable learner. I find a ridiculous amount of joy in finding the most efficient routes to every possible solution on the planet, and I'm just gonna say it...I absolutely LOVE Pinterest because it led me to discover the most efficient and easy way to make money online.

I discovered what Pinterest can do for my online business, after finally reaching out to my customers when my incoming orders started increasing on a daily basis by over 10x. I figured it was due to the social media posts I was struggling to create every day, but nope, my customers all told me the same thing...Pinterest.

Sure enough, over 95% of my traffic was coming from Pinterest. Stuff I had set up a long time ago was bringing in paying customers. A lot of them. It was an eye opener, and I haven't looked back since. I was obsessed with making it work as efficiently as possible, without adding more to my plate.

Since then I noticed a gap in the marketplace, who was guiding us? The entrepreneurs, the self-starters, the creatives? Unless you were a blogger, there wasn't much out there to make it easy for successful entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, online course creators, and podcasters to establish themselves with authority on Pinterest. And to do it with concise efficiency. I mean, c’mon, we're really busy.

So, that's where I can help. I greatly benefit from using Pinterest in my business, and want to share this expertise every day with other like-minded entrepreneurs in a way that’s easy, effective, and honestly, fun. It’s so exciting for me to be a part of your success.

I take the smart strategies I've learned, and pair it with the need for efficiency and our time crunched schedules, to teach busy entrepreneurs simple and complementary marketing strategies using Pinterest so they can get EXPONENTIAL audience and income growth. That means MORE CLIENTS, MORE TRAFFIC, MORE INCOME, AND ULTIMATELY MORE TIME FOR YOU - so your business is always working, even when you're not.

That's just smart.

{And if you’re wondering, I still run my online boutique called Call Me California and handcraft items for my Etsy shop, Boho Linen , and use Pinterest to drive all my traffic.😉}